About us

For over a decade we have been helping merchants gain more loyal customers, increase sales and decrease cost of operations. LEEROY is a purpose-driven organization – we love what we do and we’re in it for the long run!


Based in Sweden, the second most innovative country in the world, we have gathered experienced talent to build disruptive solutions. We work closely with some of the best, global innovators in the restaurant industry to make sure we can really boost the digital transformation of both small and big restaurant chains. As we are growing at a rapid pace we need strong, forward-thinking investors.

We would like to direct a special thanks to our current investors:

Stockholm Office

Björns Trädgårdsgränd 1
116 21 Stockholm

+46 (0)8 501 260 60

Sundsvall Office

Landsvägsallén 4
852 29 Sundsvall

+46 (0) 60 60 60 375

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