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Leeroy 11 Apr 2018 by Anders Härén

What makes a great company? Many would agree with me when I say “the people working there” but what does that mean? And how do you hire great people? It’s easy in the beginning but when you’re scaling a company, how do you maintain that greatness? In this post I will tell you about D.E.P.I.C.T.E.D. and how we work with our company culture at Leeroy.

In a great episode of Masters of scale, Reid Hoffman interviewed Netflix CEO Reed Hastings about company culture. Hastings spotted the rise of online video streaming incredibly early and since he was convinced it was the future he had two options: Setup a new division within the company to build up online streaming, or transform his company from offering physical DVDs in the US to a global, online streaming company. Although the first alternative is easier, Reed Hastings went for the latter. He set out to make sure Netflix had a culture to embrace whatever changes the company needed to implement to maintain their goal of entertaining as many as possible and stay profitable. One of the key success factors Hastings claims, was the Netflix culture deck. He started collecting statements and general code of conduct that embodied Netflix. As others at the company contributed it evolved from a handful of slides into an official introduction to the Netflix hiring process. The reason to make it public was among others that Hastings realized that the culture deck not only had the ability to attract the right candidates, but to also to repel the wrong ones.

Leeroy is a growing company with global ambitions and so last year we started working on our own guiding values. Through several all-company workshops with post-its everywhere we worked with determining what we are and what we want to be. We destilled all this work into 8 guiding values that together spell the acronym Depicted:

Durability – High-quality solutions and lasting relationships

Equality – An equal organization and balance between team & family

Passion – This is more than a job to us and we apply a learning attitude

Innovation – The best way to predict the future is to invent it

Clarity – A clear value proposition and a transparent company

Teamwork – The sum is greater than its parts, we work hard and we play hard

Excellence – Reliable yet cutting edge solutions and user experience

Data – We are data-driven and we know how to turn big data into big value

These guiding values are measured company-wide two times every year and are present in daily discussions to make sure they’re not just pretty words in a blog post. Yet just as the whole company was responsible for creating them, the whole company is responsible for maintaining them. So for future hires at Leeroy, please read this blog post first. And if our guidelines appeal to you, you are welcome to drop me an e-mail at anders [at]!