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Launching features to keep kitchens open

April 14, 2020 by Soraya H Contreras

I’ve met a lot of restaurant owners over the years, and there are few who started out in this industry solely to make money. No, this is an industry built on passion – passion for delicious food and memorable experiences. And as COVID-19 threatens the foundations on which this industry is built, we’re doing all we can to help keep that passion alive and kitchens open. We started LEEROY to help those who run restaurants keep their passion alive by removing unnecessary and often tech-related challenges – challenges that can threaten to extinguish that original passion, and turn running a restaurant into a daily battle. Now we want to help out more than ever because we’ve built the tools that do help. And unlike some of our competitors, our solution has been running in a live environment for many years so we know they work. And the results so far are promising. As the COVID-19 virus keeps people indoors and increases social distancing, the restaurants that use our technology, i.e. Pizza Hut. The data shows they have a significantly lower sales drop than the industry average. But it’s not enough. So we decided to do more.

A free service to get all restaurants online

In mid-March, we started giving all of our customers a monthly discount – which continues as long as this crisis does. We have mobilised our teams to inspire and educate customers about how to maximise their use of our features, especially the digital offering – like online/app ordering, take-away food, and targeted and personalized mobile offers. But it’s not enough just to reach our existing customers; there are thousands of restaurant owners that need to get their businesses online, so they can offer take-away as quickly as possible.

Today we’re launching a free service that will allow any restaurant to accept online orders through their existing website. It functions with any point-of-sale system – not just LEEROY’s. It also includes delivery as an option – an important change as restaurants band together to offer delivery services. Starting today, we are also offering our entire software solution for free for the next 12 months to all new customers who sign with us before September 1st. This includes our white-labelled order and loyalty app, online ordering, mobile POS, express POS and kitchen display.

Existing customers get a boost

Next up – we’re redirecting our big R&D department to work on several initiatives that will launch throughout April to help address the crisis the industry suddenly finds itself in. For existing customers using our white-labelled app, we’re launching two new features next week that help with the social distancing in place.
Delivery options will be added to the app and web ordering products, so restaurants can organise their own delivery services. Customers dining in will be able to order food in the app from their table, and send the table number to the staff for faster service. And this is just the beginning. We are assessing our customers’ needs continuously and will be launching the features to help them get through this unprecedented time.

Start receiving order through your website or social media

Right now, time is of the essence. The saying “time is money” has never been more true. If features that will move your business online, and allow you to keep your kitchens open by offering take-away and delivery are valuable to you – and you need a way to hold onto your most valuable customers – then give us a call. We have our whole organization standing by to help you.

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Soraya H Contreras, Digital Marketing Manager