Our products

LEEROY Ticker – Run your business

Create, manage and monitor your:
  • Organization, restaurants and products in one place
  • General as well as targeted campaigns
  • Customers, campaigns, and customer base evolution
  • Settings for your POS, app, and workflows
  • Performance indicators for sales and communication

Leeroy Mobile Loyalty and Ordering

Speedy, secure apps for IOS and Android
  • Pre-order / pre-pay and mobile payment on site
  • Pick up options such as dine-in, take-away, or delivery
  • Highly configurable offers and news targeted or sent to all users
  • Ready framework full of convenient features such as Map, Personal settings, Favorites
  • Fully GDPR-compliant: Users have control over what data to reveal and why

LEEROY POS, MPOS and kitchen displays

  • Easy to use and modifiy the interface to fit your business
  • Accept all major payment methods
  • Split or share receipts
  • Table management
  • Work efficently with your orders through the kitchen to delivery
  • Handle your products in POS and monitor your sale in Leeroy Ticker

LEEROY Self-checkout kiosks

  • Easy, fast workflow your customers love to use
  • Accept all major payment methods
  • Handle menus and items online through Ticker
  • Available in many different screen sizes

Leeroy Partner solutions

  • Share specialized deals with all their employees
  • Pre-order lunch for important meetings
  • Pay by credit card or by monthly invoice
  • Get customer-unique discount codes

LEEROY Restaurant Business Platform
Leeroy Ticker is our BI platform, connecting and providing all our products with data. We automatically gather and analyze data from all touchpoints in the customer journey in real-time for you to analyze and react to, instantly.

Our solution fully integrates the Pre-order app, POS, Kitchen displays, and Self-service kiosk and gives you all the data in real-time with AI capabilities to do projections of future sales and more.

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