The central nervous system for your business

Streamline your daily processes with Leeroy Cloud. It’s one central place for you to administrate, optimise, track and customise everything about your business – across every location you operate.

Product Management

Save time with one command center

Change it once and change it everywhere. With a user-friendly interface, you can use the Leeroy Cloud to update products, pricing, menus, modifiers and more – and have it applied to all of your locations or just the ones you select.

Menus & Layouts

Customise the layout of your point-of-sale – and add your menu items to all of your sales channels, including the app and online ordering.

Product Management

Update product prices in real time, optimise your food costs with the calculator, and track your product inventory so you never run out.

Loyalty & Marketing

Loyalty App

Control everything about your loyalty app from the Leeroy Cloud. Create a rewards program, adjust promotions and pricing, and align it with your in-store activities.

Rewards Program

Design your own rewards program and customise it to suit your restaurant. Specify the type of rewards, how customers earn it, and when to redeem.

Campaigns & Promotions

Use the mountains of data you collect on what your customers like and when they visit, and use it to launch targeted campaigns or segment offers directly to them.


Create content about news, offers or even your food philosophy, and connect more effectively with customers in your app.

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Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Gone are the days when you had to wait to close the books to review your operations. Now you can monitor your transactions in real time, customise the reports you need – and make decisions that are backed up by the data.


Collect all of the data in one central place, and use it to optimise your operation. Set KPIs, increase staff efficiency, control food costs, benchmark production times – and much more.


Your business analytics capabilities just skyrocketed. Slice and dice the data, and customise reports based on what you want to see so you can optimise your spending and staffing.

We have all of the info about our restaurants gathered in one place. We can monitor sales and manage all administration in real time. The fact that we can manage all restaurants centrally from one place is so nice.

Carl-Henrik Forssbeck, co-founder of Bores burger chain and Head of Operations

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