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Enjoy the best flow with Leeroy’s KDS

Our smart receipt system, the KDS or Kitchen Display System, takes the strain off your staff and streamlines the workflow in your restaurant – every day.

Get the right information to the right place – at the right time

All incoming orders – from the app, express check-out, online or in-restaurant POS – go straight to the kitchen where the KDS sorts them out so that staff can prioritise the right orders at the right time effectively, no matter which sales channel they came from.

KDS – your right hand in the kitchen

Leeroy’s KDS can adapt to every unique kitchen: from the number of stations to what happens at each location. It also makes life easier for kitchen staff by prioritising orders and ensuring that the delivery times diners can choose from are reasonable based on the current order level.

100% adapted to you

Do you run a single restaurant or a whole chain? Do you take orders manually, digitally or both? Do you have multiple stations in your kitchen? Not a problem, the KDS can be fully adjusted based on your unique needs and how you want to streamline your workflow.

Communicate and get happy customers

With the KDS, diners can easily check on their order as it’s being prepared and get a digital notification when their food is ready. Kitchen needs a bit more time? No sweat! They can make changes on the screen and the new time is automatically sent out to the customer. In the restaurant itself, the KDS supports several different serving options such as an integrated pager system, digital collection screens or serving staff.

The Kitchen Displays are the most valuable part. We’ve had a dramatic increase in productivity and efficiency – and it’s eliminated the extra communication we needed when we used tickets. Now customers and kitchen staff know exactly how long it will take for the order to be made. It helps alla.

– Michael Wecker, Regional Manager for Hawaii Poke

Streamline your workflow with KDS

  • A configured KDS for your restaurant or chain

  • Supports multiple serving options

  • Automatic diner notifications

  • Option of sending updated delivery times to diners manually

  • Takes the strain off your kitchen and streamlines

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Get a demo of our products

Fill out the information below and we will send a message straight to your inbox.

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