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POS system

The POS system staff love to use

Discover the ultimate POS solution with an easy-to-use system carefully designed in close cooperation with our customers. 100% mobile and fully synced.

An effective sales flow, automatically!

Together with our back office system, the POS registers the products in the basket and automatically applies matching offers. Meaning fewer buttons to press on average, and an easier sales process.

Reward your most faithful followers!

Diners with the Loyalty App can easily identify themselves, even when making purchases at a physical POS, to collect points and enjoy personal offers.  Diners’ names are also displayed on the POS, making it easier for your staff to give your regulars the best possible welcome.

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Manage your menu centrally

No matter whether you’ve got one restaurant to take care of or several, you can manage your POS menu from a single location – our Leeroy Cloud back office. Want to change your prices or dishes, or add local prices to stand out? No sweat! Sort it all out in the Cloud with ease. Plus, you can even promote specific products or display recipe or ingredient information directly in the POS – an invaluable function when it comes to first-class service.

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Everything integrated into a single system

See sales history and receipts from all of Leeroy’s sales channels. Making customer management and repeat purchases easy, and giving you the ability to keep an eye on all your data – from one single location. Yup, you can manage all your previous orders together with the relevant receipts directly in your POS.

Create a better flow

Make your POS system complete with just a few clicks. Digitise your entire business by adding an app, online ordering and KDS – and help your business grow faster!

Get your perfect combination

With Leeroy, you get a POS system, loyalty scheme, online ordering and app all in one. We can also integrate our product with all standard market systems, making it easy for you to manage everything from ordering to staff scheduling to reporting.

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Simplify your business with a smart POS system

  • Accepts all major payment methods

  • Keep an eye on sales in Leeroy Cloud

  • Member IDs so you can reward regular customers

  • Centralised menus for chains (with branch-specific personalisation)

  • Access product information, recipes and alternatives directly from the POS

  • Inventory

  • “Smart ordering” – apply offers to individual or combined products automatically

  • Lets you open bills and makes table management easier

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Get a demo of our products

Fill out the information below and we will send a message straight to your inbox.

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