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Loyalty app

Turn diners into regulars with your own app

The ultimate app for restaurants – designed to help you build stronger relationships with your diners.

Increase your turnover by 30%

Did you know that diners tend to buy more and more often when using an app? We’ve seen our own clients increase their order value by up to 30% using self-service, with total sales increasing by 30% on average. With Leeroy, you get access to a professional set of tools. Combine customer data with powerful marketing tools, like notifications, tailor-made offers and tasty rewards. Then watch as your diners choose to keep coming back, again and again.

Give your diners a personal experience

Create loyalty and long-lasting relationships with your own unique marketing channel. With an app, you can give your diners a more comfortable and personal experience – without having to employ your own tech team. Let us do the job for you.

Create your loyalty scheme

Design a loyalty scheme that lets your diners earn points with every purchase. Once they reach a new level, reward them with personal offers that entice them back to your restaurant. The points diners earn can then be used for purchases in the app or at ordinary check-outs.

There for your customers, wherever they are

Let your customers order food in advance so they can pick it up on the way. Or why not order at the table in the actual restaurant? With the app, it’s as easy as pie. Giving your diners exactly what they want, when they want.

Stamp card and product range

With the app, you can reward returning customers with a digital stamp card and other types of offers. You can offer them money off their purchases and share discount codes, or why not pump for the classic: “Buy a coffee and get a free pastry!” Your app, your decision.

Your app, your look

The app is built to have a look and feel that reflects your brand. Working away behind the scenes is a sophisticated system developed with diners for the best possible experience.

Collect invaluable data

Leeroy Cloud is included as standard with every app. The Cloud is the user-friendly back office system where you can manage all things app from one central location. Create new offers, change prices and menus, analyse customer behaviour and keep an eye on sales.

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We are now one of the restaurants that sell the most on Brunkebergstorg in Stockholm. The app makes it possible to really influence what customers are buying. It feels great that we are innovative, and that we are at the forefront technically.

– Carl Ullsten, Founder at The Fishery

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Build long-lasting customer relationships with the Loyalty app

  • Give diners pre-order options

  • Streamline your workforce

  • Offer a stamp card with rewards

  • Give diners order or product offers

  • Loyalty scheme with points

  • Share news items

  • Grab people’s attention with push notifications

  • Find the nearest restaurant with a map view

  • Let diners see their order history

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Get a demo of our products

Fill out the information below and we will send a message straight to your inbox.

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