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Before using Leeroy, Pizza Hut only had a website and a point-of-sale system. So they were looking for a major upgrade. And they got one in the form of Leeroy’s full system – the software that powers their POS, kitchen displays, self-service kiosks, as well as the white-label app and online ordering.

Aside from getting the digital upgrade they needed, Pizza Hut wanted to create more customer loyalty and deeper relationships. Leeroy’s white-label app was just what they needed.

With a committed and steady focus on the app, they’ve been able to consistently get new members and keep their existing ones. And the effort they’ve put into marketing the app and online offering is paying off big time in the face of the global coronavirus crisis.

As revenues in Sweden’s restaurant industry plummeted, Pizza Hut used Leeroy’s digital tools to pivot quickly—growing online sales by 285% between March 1 and April 1 2020.

With digital channels in place—the app and online ordering—they pivoted quickly when social distancing measures were recommended, pushing their takeaway options in those channels.

As a result, they were able to increase their takeaway sales in-store, online and in the app by 80% since March 1. Their app downloads also shot up – by 267% over a two-week period starting March 20.

With a direct channel to their customers, they were able to make offers, run campaigns and reward loyalty.