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Wayne’s Coffee is a Swedish cafe chain and the only KRAV-certified coffeehouse chain in Sweden. And it’s wildly popular – with 160 cafes in 10 markets across Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

The company, which was founded in 1994, rolled out Leeroy’s full system in all of its locations in December 2019. It was an ambitious plan—one year to implement Leeroy in all of its locations in the Nordics.

“We didn’t just want to connect to the digital world—we wanted to be at the forefront of it,” says Wayne’s Coffee CFO Sebastian Falck. “And Leeroy is at the forefront technically. It is the total solution.”

It was a success and it hasn’t taken long to reap the benefits of a fully integrated system, with all the data that goes with it.

Using the data to decide

“Previously, we had little information to base decisions on,” Sebastian says. “Now we use real time sales data to make our decisions. It is very nice and leads to fewer unproductive discussions.”

Wayne’s now syncs products centrally—a feature that’s pretty invaluable for a franchise chain. Now they can use the data to refine their product range, knowing which products to keep and which to replace.

“We’re creating a completely different view of sales and have a different opportunity to manage the registers,” Sebastian says.

“The old preconceived notions about what we sell and how we sell are gone now. Having the real-time sales data made us realise, for example, when we have our peak hours so we know when to staff up.”

A bird’s eye view boosts efficiency

Wayne’s has seen big improvements with their operations across their markets since starting to use Leeroy.

“We know so much more about the what, how and when of our operations,” Sebastian says. “Our franchise owners can be anywhere and still check sales every day. We are starting to control procurement and production – and we are actively working to increase the use of data to optimise day-to-day operations.”

They see a situation in the near future where the Leeroy Cloud could become a hub that collects all sorts of data.

“If you have this whole ecosystem, you can save an entire finance department,” Sebastian says. “Using Leeroy’s data, we can optimise and start making informed decisions in real time – without ever compromising the experience for our guests.”

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Sebastian Falck, CFO, Wayne’s Coffee